Orgasms Unleashed


A private video course opening to your orgasmic energy for him & her. 

While Connecting on all levels.

(For Couples & Individuals)



Merge body and soul as you connect emotionally, explore new realms together, and open to what your body is capable of sexually. 

For Both seasoned and new lovers.

Orgasms Revealed For Him & Her

An online course done in the privacy of your home instructing & guided you to give and receive 15+ different types of orgasms, open your kundalini energy, and experience full-body energetic O's.


     Orgasms are created by opening the energy channels & learning to direct this potent energetic force. 


 Sex can be complicated, orgasms don't need to be!


This course marries sacred union and connection techniques with raw skills to reach these higher states of ecstasy. 

       Most practices can be done alone while some techniques are partner bases.


           Singles, maybe it's time to dive into an intimate relationship with yourself and bring the vibration of sacred union into your bedroom.


(Get your personal sexual game on point for when you have someone again) 

Who Is This For?

  • Men, women, and couples ready to bring aliveness, passion, and ditch the routine of mediocre sex.
  • Men looking to embrace their potent masculine essence learn to guide her through blocks stopping orgasms so she can let go, get out of her head, and experience 10+ different ways to get there. 
  • Women ready to release and allow her body to do what is was made to... ripple with pleasure. While knowing how to support her man having 6+ different types of "O"s. 
  • Humans wanting more pleasure, deeper orgasms, transcendent connected experiences, and to master their sexual energy. 


Benefits Include:

  • Have More Sex, ​activate your sexual response & desire so you're turned on more.  

  • ​Increase Performance, get it up, last longer, and be able to climax over and over again, especially men. 

  • Be Free and wake your f**k up, literally. Release inhibition and express who you are fully. 

  • Be Confident in the bedroom like never before. Have ALL the tools. 

  • ​Heal your relationship to sex & your body, feel safe, surrender, and open to your partner & soul. 

Do you or your partner experience any of these?

Are You Experiencing?

  • Decreased desire?
  • Unpredictable performance?
  • Routine or stale sex?
  • Pre-mature ejaculation?
  • Disconnection?
  • Sexual repulsion to partner?
  • Painful or not pleasurable sex?

You're NOT 

  • Climaxing
  • Having enough sex
  • Connecting deeply
  • Confident as you can be
  • In your full power
  • As knowledgable as you want to be


  • All the O's possible
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Spiritual + sexual connection
  • Deeper meaning to sex
  • A healthy sex life
  • More energy & creativity
  • Be a 'f**king" master, literally

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this course is for YOU!!

If you are ready, 

to be a Master in the bedroom and life, accessing all of your potential, while having SOUL BLOWING connection, you are in the right place. 

You Can Have It All


Unfortunately when it comes to sex you're just supposed to 'know' what's up right?


Well, the secret is out and the truth is, there is a lot more to sex, sexuality, and how it impacts all other areas of your life than what you were probably taught.


But, no one talks about this stuff, how to have a full-body, continuous orgasm, or how to please a woman/man, or what your body is capable of.  Am I right?


Most likely you experienced negative messages about  sex, how it might ruin you, or who you would be if you did it.


Or, you had no guidance at all.


  • If you feel out of balance sexually
  • Have blocks within yourself or partner or
  • Want in on all that's possible when you master your sexual energy (like making more money)?

 This is for you!!

Added Benefits Outside The Bedroom

A healthy sex life impacts ALL areas of your life


  • Increase inner power - tamed/suppressed sexual energy means a tamed inhibited person
  • Increase vitality - channel sexual energy into your projects & biz
  • Increase creativity - Sexual energy is creative energy. It is the most potent energy we have, creating LIFE. 
  • Improve health - there is a technique that decreases a male's chance of prostate cancer by 30% for men over 45 

About the Author: Salenta Fox 

I'm not a sex-therapist, I am a woman who's been studying and using all these techniques in my personal life for the past 12 years. I am an Energy Psychology Practitioner who's been helping individuals and couples for the last 9 years experience more personal freedom and connection while tapping into their full pleasure potential.


I am a women who experienced early sexual abuse and grew up in a conservative environment. I am someone who used every technique in this course to open and unlock my body to pleasure, heal completely, and ignite my passion to experience orgasms easily, not just one, but all of them, in all the different ways.


I went from someone who orgasmed for the first time at 26, and when I did,  it was difficult, with sex being painful at times, to someone climaxing almost every time, even without penetration or genital stimulation!! Yes, it's possible.


As I opened the previously numb areas of my body and opened my energetic channels to flow orgasmic energy I realized I wanted sex far more than most men I knew. I also realized my power as a woman lay dormant and hidden behind this closure. As I activated and turned on my creative centers, so too did I turn on my inner power, my confidence, and my ability to navigate my relationships and life more easily. 


And men, you are not left out. As I opened so did my male partner, he too unlocked his body's capacity for multiple, full-body, and continuous "O"'s.  We realized all it took was knowing and practicing the techniques.


Over the years, in my personal life and through my Love Consulting practice, I noticed 99% of men don't know what's possible within their bodies. Also, they do not know how to unlock their partner's body. Either the connection is there but the technique is lacking, or the technique is there but the ability to connect fully and harness the energetic potency is not there. 


I'm a "want it all kinda woman" so here you have it, a course to give you both the energetic/connective aspect and all the nitty gritty "How To's" to create deeply satisfied, humans everywhere!!


This course is to open your body's full pleasure potential, connecting emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and lastly... making her want you like never before!! 

What You'll Learn


  • How the energetic relates to sexuality and why you want to incorporate this into your practice 
  • Practices to open your body's senses and sexual response
  • Getting the spark back or amplifying it - polarities
  • Understanding the female psyche (this changes everything)
  • How to prepare the body for orgasm
  • How to up your bodies pleasure tolerances
  • How to have and give 6+ different types of Male orgasms
    • ​Including but not limited to:
      • ​Full-body O's, Continuous O's, and Multiple O's
  • How to have and give 9+ different types of Female orgasms
    • Including but not limited to 
      • Full-body O's, Multiple O's, Female Ejaculatory O's, Breast O's and O so many more.


Tantra, Tao, and modern day sexual connection and energy practices.


What's In The Course?

6 Hours of Video Content + Supporting PDFs' + Outside Bonus Resources



  • Sexual Resistance & Sexual Response
  • Bring In The Sacred
  • Connection Through The Senses
  • Masculine & Feminine Essence
  • Female Psyche
  • Communication
  • Body De-Armoring
  • Preparing For The "O" 


  • The Male Body & Orgasm
  • 9 Sections of Female "O"'s plus techniques explained
  • The Other/BONUS "O"'s


  • Essential DONT'S
  • More Ways To Connect & Explore
  • Additional Outside Resources
    • ​Videos
    • Articles
    • Book Suggestions

I'm Ready NOW!

"What People Are Saying"

(Some names and images have been changed for confidentiality.) 

We recently started exploring tantra which added a whole new playfulness to our relationship. Then we did this course and wow,  it added even more depth, passion, and 'out of this world' pleasure!! We can't keep away from each other!!

Dustin & Cali


The Sacred "O" Course was exactly what our relationship needed to not only reignite the flame of our sexuality but fuel it to reach unimaginable heights of connection & pleasure. It's such a juicy course and can't wait to dive even deeper. 


Craig & Demelza


My girlfriend is loving the new techniques!! We have both learned a lot and and its given me confidence in my skills as a lover. It's definitely brought us closer faster. 



I read through the questionnaire in the first few sections before my husband and I started the course and had a light bulb moment realizing it’s all my “hang-ups” stopping me from enjoying and letting go. Which I forced myself to do and I’m please to say I’ve had a few orgasms now over the past few weeks. 



"Fyi, I tried your "trick" regarding masturbation/porn and feeling guilty. And, no guilt at all, none. I usually feel like an ass after. But this time zip. I feel empowered instead and knew I was building self-love."


Salt Lake City, Utah

I had a wild time loving last night! 😍 it was so profound. Between your encouragement and the course I had an amazingly profound experience. It brought up some surprising emotions and healing.



Still Have Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Do I need a partner to do this course?

Is the course designed for LGBTQ+?

What if my partner or I have experienced abuse or sexual trauma?

Always seek proper medical assistance where needed. This course was created to guide you through the "stuff", "hang-ups" and "debris" from past events, relationships, and life. And to use these things to create more intimacy and connection within your relationship and to get to know yourself better.


This course is designed to lighten things up and create a new relationship with your sexuality. 


If you are still experiencing severe trauma, or if severe triggers come up while doing the course, you are advised to seek the proper medical attention. 

Is this course for men too?

How is this course delivered? And how long does it take?

What if the course does not work for me?

How long will I have access?

Will this actually work?

The techniques in this course have worked for thousands of people over thousands of years. The information and techniques in this course are tried and tested and come from Taoist, Tantric, and modern day practices. 


Each persons body is different and result are not guaranteed. But if you follow the course, have an open mind, open your body, and practice a lot, the chances of this working is overwhelming.


Have fun, relax, release all goals and expectations and see what happens. :) 

It's time...

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