Do you or your partner experience any of these?

Are You Experiencing?

  • Decreased desire?
  • Unpredictable performance?
  • Routine or stale sex?
  • Pre-mature ejaculation?
  • Disconnection?
  • Sexual repulsion to partner?
  • Painful or not pleasurable sex?

You're NOT 


If you are ready, 

Man and woman kissing in the dark, black and white picture, exploring sexual mastery.

Woman outside experiencing sexual mastery and liberation

Added Benefits Outside The Bedroom

A healthy sex life impacts ALL areas of your life


  • Increase inner power - tamed/suppressed sexual energy means a tamed inhibited person
  • Increase vitality - channel sexual energy into your projects & biz
  • Increase creativity - Sexual energy is creative energy. It is the most potent energy we have, creating LIFE. 
  • Improve health - there is a technique that decreases a male's chance of prostate cancer by 30% for men over 45 

About the Author: Salenta Fox 

Man looking at woman in bed talking about sexual mastery.

What's In The Course?


  • Essential DONT'S
  • More Ways To Connect & Explore
  • Additional Outside Resources
    • ​Videos
    • Articles
    • Book Suggestions

I read through the questionnaire in the first few sections before my husband and I started the course and had a light bulb moment realizing it’s all my “hang-ups” stopping me from enjoying and letting go. Which I forced myself to do and I’m please to say I’ve had a few orgasms now over the past few weeks. 



"Fyi, I tried your "trick" regarding masturbation/porn and feeling guilty. And, no guilt at all, none. I usually feel like an ass after. But this time zip. I feel empowered instead and knew I was building self-love."


Salt Lake City, Utah

I had a wild time loving last night! 😍 it was so profound. Between your encouragement and the course I had an amazingly profound experience. It brought up some surprising emotions and healing.



Still Have Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Do I need a partner to do this course?

Is the course designed for LGBTQ+?

What if my partner or I have experienced abuse or sexual trauma?

Is this course for men too?

How is this course delivered? And how long does it take?

What if the course does not work for me?

How long will I have access?

Will this actually work?

The techniques in this course have worked for thousands of people over thousands of years. The information and techniques in this course are tried and tested and come from Taoist, Tantric, and modern day practices. 


Each persons body is different and result are not guaranteed. But if you follow the course, have an open mind, open your body, and practice a lot, the chances of this working is overwhelming.


Have fun, relax, release all goals and expectations and see what happens. :)