Event Facilitation 

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Group Activation Sessions 

Experience Quantum Vibration Acceleration

An embodiment experience opening & activating energy-codes, upgrades, and refreshing your auric presence.


 Add an Energy Activation and transmission session to your event, workshop, or gathering for large or small groups for an interactive session where participants move into and open to what their souls are ready to experience and receive. 


There is a power when a collective of energy congregate exponentially expanding the energetic experience.



"Bypassing the mind and working directly with the Soul and Energy Field, facilitating your connection to Source upgrades."

Facilitating Your Event

Podcasts. Live Events. Virtual Events. 


Available for large or intimate gatherings in-person and virtually. The energy is intensified in person and the power of group consciousness elevates and expands the experience.

Sessions connect and lead you through movement, laughter, deep soul clearing, activation, and light-code transmission, responding to what your soul and the group are ready to receive.


Each person has their own unique experience and each session is lead by vibrational request. 


Connect directly to see availability. 

Salenta's Bio  


With so many stories to tell about ourselves, Salenta is choosing to drop them all and allow you to create your own experience. 


Always a bridge between worlds and connected to other dimensions, she stepped into her awakening in 2008 in this life, remembering why she came here, and the gifts she brings.  


Certified and trained in many clearing, healing, energy, and communication modalities, as well as, tapping into her innate soul gifts and energy signature. In the 3D realm she has been an entrepreneur since she was 19 with business and communication degrees from 2 universities. 


Co-author of {An} Unsinkable Soul and an international keynote speaker.


Originally from South Africa, she is currently living around the world with her two children. 


Published Author



  {An} Unsinkable Soul Anthology Contributor, Amazon 

   Bestseller List, Amazon International Bestseller List 


International Keynote Speaker

"You have within you all you are seeking." Salenta Fox

“We recently had Salenta Fox on our stage, and I am so glad that we did. She brought a powerful message of love that truly edified our audience.”

Eric Bailey

Feel Well, Live Well Event

“I enjoyed the presentation from Salenta Fox. Great presentation and the “Open to Love Meditation” was powerful.  Thank you.”

Elizabeth "Rocky" Beuhring

Salt Lake City, UT

I felt scared, insecure and afraid when I walked in. When I walked out I felt relieved, my heart felt open, peace and forgiveness. Much love and honor!

JanNae Beam-Baum

Light Worker