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From coaching men, women, and couples in divine love alignment, relationships, conscious sexuality, masculine and feminine work, returning to self, inner alignment, clearing outdated patterns and beliefs, to EFT, Quantum Emotional Clearing, EDINA, success and attraction courses, training in energy psychology and practices, consciousness, and countless more.


Speaking, leading workshops, putting on retreats to audiences small and large. And then a little entrepreneurship, business degrees, masters' degrees, and dabbling in 3D life ventures have all led me here. 

Mothering two wild and free strong-willed souls almost out of the nest, breaking the norms of what's possible for our youth and the limits we place on them and ourselves. They are growing me as much as I them.


Doing this as we navigate ourselves living around the world. And yes, during a pandemic!






Soul Work

The message I have is not mine, I am just the messanger. The time for words is over and now it's time for vibration. Activating light-codes within, feeling into yourself, and opening  portals waiting to be activated. 

I connect to your group, connect them to themselves, and connect them to Source and Divine Love. The session is lead by what your group is needing and ready for, leading them through divine activation and energy center clearing.


I work with spiritually attuned humans ready to answer the call within to enhance their energy fields to do the work they came here to do. 

Contact me directly to schedule and check availability. 

The more proficient you become in your soul evolution, the harder it is to receive benefit from other healers I have found. 


These sessions use me as a conduit, as you commune directly with Source and your guides giving you the energy updates, nourishment, and healing you need and are ready for.


I am the bridge between worlds and facilitate this experience using my unique energy signature & transmission. 


Private sessions are done in person or virtually to clear, upgrade, strengthen, and give you that boost when you need a little TLC from Source. Read more here. 

We are stronger in UNITY!


It's time for light workers around the world to unite and activate each other remembering our soul's purpose and why we are here at this time.


As we unite, our light expands, subtly blasting this world with higher vibrations holding balance as humanity finds a new point of equilibrium and consciousness. 


The SoulExpanded community is free to all, offering weekly Energy Meditations to anchor in energy expansion so you can better serve those you do.


Join here for free. 

Published Author

  {An} Unsinkable Soul Anthology Contributor, Amazon Bestsellers List, Amazon International Bestseller List 


International Keynote Speaker

  Her Global Voices Launch, Johannesburg, South Africa

“We recently had Salenta Fox on our stage, and I am so glad that we did. She brought a powerful message of love that truly edified our audience.”

Eric Bailey

Feel Well, Live Well Event

“I enjoyed the presentation from Salenta Fox. Great presentation and the “Open to Love Meditation” was powerful.  Thank you.”

Elizabeth "Rocky" Beuhring

Salt Lake City, UT

I felt scared, insecure and afraid when I walked in. When I walked out I felt relieved, my heart felt open, peace and forgiveness. Much love and honor!

JanNae Beam-Baum

Light Worker

LoveExpanded Meditation

Connect to your energy, recharge, fill-up and expand your love in under 20min