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Energy Through Online Courses &

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Soul & Body Activation

Unravel inhibitions to live a fully actualized life. Merge the skills/knowledge of sex with intimate connection and sexual energy mastery to elevate your spiritual and sexual practice while being filled up & unleashed. 

Be "turned on" literally both in bed & in life. 


Harness the most potent energy available to you. 


Online Courses







Master your bodies & unlock 15+ Orgasms available to him & her. Merge the sacred with the sexual for connection, healing, pleasure & sexual mastery.

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Your Sexual Arts hub with personal access to Salenta Fox. Sexual mystery combined with modern science for ultimate mastery & connection. 

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In person sessions & events to release blocks, activate, and master your sexual energy. Check our calendar & request an event in your city. 

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Sexual Arts Revealed

A membership portal revealing both ancient sexual mysteries, advanced energy practices, and modern day science with direct access to Salenta. 

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Who Am I... 

Why I do this. 

I guide humans to open sexually but more importantly, I guide men in the sexual arts to unleash their women's sexual potential while opening to your own untapped pleasure like 20 min full-body "O"'s or multiple orgasms without being depleted. 


The only shame with sex is everyone does not know this simple yet life changing information.


I'm Salenta Fox and I guide you to be the best lover possible.


Growing up in a conservative religion & culture left me unequipped for married life while carrying the secret baggage of sexual abuse. This cocktail mixed with the inhibition and lack of skill to talk about or ask for what I desired in an effective way, left me deeply unfulfilled in all areas of my life. 


A divorce and 3 years of study, opening, unraveling, and sexual information later found me confidently connected to my power & knowing how to use my sexual essence not only in the bedroom. 


This information saves partnerships & lives. 

Online Courses

Sacred "O" Course

From the comfort and privacy of your own home be guided through with your partner or solo to master your & their orgasmic power with  15+ different "O"'s explained for both physical and emotional connection, pleasure, and transcendent experiences.


Unlock your bodies pleasure potential while utilizing sexual energy for both spiritual and manifestation purposes.


Ditching routine sex, up desire, and have them 'coming' back for more and more while finally  being fulfilled 100%. 

Soul Activation 


Activation and embodiment sessions to clear your channels, integrate new energy patterns, and release physical body blocks allowing full open expression both sexually and in every day life. 

An energy and movement session leaves you energized and deeply connection to your body and soul, weaving together all parts of you into divine unity and connection. 

Soul Activation 

Client Love

Engaging in healing work with Salenta is almost beyond words to capture the full breadth of my experience. The sacred container she holds for the deep dive into healing sexuality, in support of creating an upleved relationship as well as moving energy through the chakras, allowed me to surrender to the deep healing process she was offering. I felt safe to release and let go of any of the protective blocks that I’ve been carrying in my body and start the process of opening, healing, receiving and embodying my intentions. My world has been shifting in huge ways in response to the work we did together. It is an unfolding and unwinding process for me and I’m so grateful for Salenta’s facilitation through her gifts, deep intuition and channeling in my session. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling called to work with her. Such a beautiful and opening experience for me. 🦋🙏🏻❤️


I worked with Salenta recently and was able to grow and shift with her help in ways that I've never done before, and especially in so short a time. I feel she helped me rediscover and accept many levels of power that I had either ignored or repressed for many years and I am still feeling that newfound strength weeks later. Working directly with energy/being instead of trying to go through the mind to remove old programs and realign energy fields, she cut through my limiting beliefs and defenses to achieve results that may have taken years to accomplish through traditional methods. Salenta is a gifted energy worker and I recommend her wholeheartedly, if your experience is in any way similar to mine you will be blown away by your results.


I loved working with Salenta! The transformation I went through was very visible. I saw quick tangible results and felt better after every session. I loved how skillful  she was at both helping me heal and move forward. I appreciate how knowledgeable and dedicated to my progress she was. I highly recommend working with her!


I’m so full of love and excitement today! I can barely contain myself. A deep bow of gratitude to Salenta Fox for the beautiful Soul work she did with me yesterday. I feel lighter, brighter, freer, and so excited about what the future and present holds. Thank you for who you BE Salenta! You are magnificent and the work you do is life changing. I feel the tangible shift!

Thank you, our time together was exquisite! I feel renewed!


Working with Salenta has been incredibly enlightening. I’ve learned more about myself and navigating the world in the months working with her than I have through years of therapy. She’s helped me open my heart and soul significantly, and start to see through the silly filters that we as humans are so prone to developing. In short, working with Salenta has been life-altering.


LoveExpanded Meditation

Connect to your energy, recharge, fill-up and expand your love in under 20min

Secrets Revealed

How to Have Multiple, Full-Body & Continuous Orgasms for you & your partner. 

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